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Compound Recordings is a professional audio recording facility located in Santa Cruz County, California. Founded by owner & chief recording engineer, Joe Clements, Compound Recordings offers complete recording services for the music professional, or the upcoming artist. Punk, Country, Bluegrass, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, SKA, Post Hardcore, Metal,
All genre's welcome and encouraged.


We offer the latest in analog and digital equipment (Pro Tools HD2; top of the line analog preamps, compressors, EQ's, reverbs; and classic microphones) in a professional environment with versatile recording spaces.


If you're looking for a professional, state-of-the-art studio, with home studio pricing in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, you've found it!


Check out the discography for audio samples and our list of clients.

Jesse Daniel
Jesse Daniel

Soft Spot (For The Hard Stuff)

Jesse Daniel's took home Male Honkey Tonk artist of the year at the Ameripolitan awards in Memphis, TN with his self titled debut which was recorded right here at The Compound by Henry Chadwick!

4/9/18 ||

-Greetings from Henry-

I've been hanging out and recording things in the Compound for a while now, and figured I should officially join the online website crew and give a little update on my end. 

I just added a couple of sound examples of recent projects I worked on here. McCoy Tyler's 26 EP is out and ready for your ears. It was recorded here at The Compound in 2017 and it turned out great. I played drums and the band also consisted of Aidan, Kyle Jamie and Kellen from The Coffis Brothers (along with McCoy of course.) We tracked the bulk of the instruments live, and did plenty of overdubs after the fact. It was a memorably great time to work on, and the result is a great, 5-song EP from from start to finish. 

I also uploaded a single by Just Dandy, called Not A Lot. It falls under 2 minutes in time, and is a catchy, hard-hitting, scrappy jem-of-a-jam. They've been in the studio working on a double disc, punk rock concept album. If you can dream it you can do it. More to come as that wraps up.

Speaking of wrapping things up... I finished up recording a full length album with badass country artist, Jesse Daniel. The first single should be dropping any day now, and I'll share it here when it does. I'm really stoked and proud about how this album came out too, and can't wait until it's available for ears to listen to. 

Also, on the horizon... I just began working on a childrens music album with long time vets of the kids music scene, The Banana Slug String Band. We're off and running and it's so far so good! I'll keep you updated as that unfolds as well.

More soon!


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