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Discography of Recorded Albums
Jonny Manak and The Depressives - I'm Not A Bum, I'm A Jerk
Jonny Manak and The Depressives
"I'm Not A Bum, I'm A Jerk"
MP3: Cha Cha Cha Chewy

Recording "I am not a bum... I'm a JERK!" was a crazy process. I think we had about 12 to 15 mics on the drums (close mics and room), we tracked the bass direct and then re-amped it through an all tube SVT fridge bi-amped through a vintage tube guitar rig with multiple mics and blended them. Each guitar track was bi-amped through my fender twin and a vintage Sovtek tube head through marshall green backs with multiple mics on each, then blend into one. Then we doubled them. I think before we started bouncing tracks and grouping we had 40 or 50 tracks before we even started on vocals, organ and percussion! Joe went above and beyond and really rolled up his sleeves on this record. This is the third one we've done with him. It's by far the best sonically and the production is over the top. People think we did this record in Hollywood, but we did it in the comfy confines of The Compound on a budget. We've never put so much work, production and creative techniques into a record and it shows. Joe always had good ideas, amazing ears, was passionate about the project and put in a lot of work and extra hours. If you're considering working with Joe, don't be a fool, book your time already! Check out the mp3s on his site, the proof is in the pudding! ;) - Jonny Manak


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