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12/6/20 || Update

Hey all,

Henry here. It's been quite a while since we offered any sort of update. We're still here! It's been a hell of a year for everyone but we feel fortunate to still be able to operate and have been taking advantage of the time to make some upgrades to the studio. More on that soon...

Meanwhile check out some of the new sound examples of projects that were recorded and/or mixed here at the studio.
Contact for prices and information about what sort of sessions we're able to do amid the pandemic. 





4/9/18 ||

-Greetings from Henry-

I've been hanging out and recording things in the Compound for a while now, and figured I should officially join the online website crew and give a little update on my end. 

I just added a couple of sound examples of recent projects I worked on here. McCoy Tyler's 26 EP is out and ready for your ears. It was recorded here at The Compound in 2017 and it turned out great. I played drums and the band also consisted of Aidan, Kyle Jamie and Kellen from The Coffis Brothers (along with McCoy of course.) We tracked the bulk of the instruments live, and did plenty of overdubs after the fact. It was a memorably great time to work on, and the result is a great, 5-song EP from from start to finish. 

I also uploaded a single by Just Dandy, called Not A Lot. It falls under 2 minutes in time, and is a catchy, hard-hitting, scrappy jem-of-a-jam. They've been in the studio working on a double disc, punk rock concept album. If you can dream it you can do it. More to come as that wraps up.

Speaking of wrapping things up... I finished up recording a full length album with badass country artist, Jesse Daniel. The first single should be dropping any day now, and I'll share it here when it does. I'm really stoked and proud about how this album came out too, and can't wait until it's available for ears to listen to. 

Also, on the horizon... I just began working on a childrens music album with long time vets of the kids music scene, The Banana Slug String Band. We're off and running and it's so far so good! I'll keep you updated as that unfolds as well.

More soon!




12/3/15 ||

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8/19/14 || Up to Date / Going Retro

In The Studio
Chris Rene
The Red Light District

We finaly got our Otari MTR90 2" 24 track tape machine calibrated and ready to rock. Evan and i have done a few sessions together learning the slight curve from digital to Anolaog, Some back to the future shit.
We Also have found some Missing 23rd tapes from their 2000 realease Ctrl+Alt+Delete that we where abble to transfer down to digital for them.... "Gonna go back In Time!"



9/9/13 || Good Riddance records Soar Grapes at The Compound


Filter Magazine put out a Descendents tribute compilation to celebrate Milos 50th B-day. The Comp is free and features Good Riddance (recorded their song at The Compound), The Bronx, Mike Watt and more.
Download the Compilation HERE!



7/16/13 || Summer Time




3/29/13 || CREATURE Video!

About a Month back we recorded this little diddy for The CREATURE SKATEBOURD video that they are giving away with THRASHER MAGAZINE subsriptions



2/23/13 || Spring Is Coming!

Lots of cool projects just finished up at The Compound.
Check out >
The Bad Light
The Little Sisters
Nerves Like Atlas
The Coffee Zombie Collective 
The Wrath
Dead Set
Thanks Buddy
The Gutz 
The Wild Ones

Ghost Town Hangmen
Pure Roots
Jay Lingo
Heavy Hand
Moon Cadillac 



5/22/12 || Greetings From Keith

Last month I returned to Compound Recordings to begin tracking on a new LP by Santa Cruz's latest local girl group, The Wild Ones. After interning with Joe C. for the better part of three years, I saw the Compound progress from an ambitious home studio to what I found when we stepped into the control room two weeks ago: a World-Class Recording and Mixing Environment where Analog and Digital converge to create recordings that can sound "out of the Garage" while holding up against anything currently playing on TV and radio.

Because The Compound maintains a wide variety of vintage, modern and botique preamps and outboard gear, a ProTools HD System with Analog Tape Integration on the way, the possibilities are nearly endless and we've seen professionals from Los Angeles and San Francisco take over the studio to produce top ranking entertainment. This makes Compound Recordings an excellent choice for artists and producers looking to have their tracks placed for licensing in TV and Film, and "Radio Ready"? Yeah, we can do that too.

In the years since Joe and I worked closely day-in-day-out, he has made immense improvements to the mic cabinet and gear lineup. Now that I've returned to the roost I'm bringing with me my current lineup of projects including some exciting developments. First off, The Groggs will once again return to the same room where we laid down "3D", a reverb-soaked wall of sound affair that has made waves at home and abroad since its release to record tracks for a 12" LP Release.

We've also got The Wild Ones producing their first full-length at The Compound, and their development has been astounding since we recorded and released their "Come Around" EP, which sold out its initial run of 250 copies on Church of Sound within months.

And in other news, talks are underway to begin tracking of the new record by San Francisco's acid-punk / psych / industrial legend CHROME with Helios Creed. More news on that in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, if you're ready to make a great record, get in touch with The Compound.

Keith Thompson



5/16/11 || Russ Rankin and Tony Sly

Had the good fortune of working with Tony Sly (No Use For A Name) today on Russ Rankins (Good Riddance / Only Crime) Solo record. Tony Came in and laid down some acoustic Guitar on three of Russ' Songs and it sounds pretty sweet. Next we will be working on some harmonies, More acoustic and if Tony gets his way, Shaker.
Working with some of my heros and peers is just another reason why I love what I do.

Check Out Russ' Solo stuff RUSS RANKIN

Check out Tony's solo stuff - TONY SLY

Joe Clements
Compound Recordings



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