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4/13/11 || In The Studio

Russ Rankin - Only Crime, Good Riddance - Solo Project featuring Luke Ray from Cobra Skulls on drums.
Vacant Churches
Flash Bastards
The Wrath
Black Love
Moon Eater



12/7/10 || Just updated our whole system!

New Macintosh G5 Quad Core w/6g of RAM
Pro Tools 9 + New PCIe HD Core and Accel cards
UAD2 Quad Core (Which includes the new Studer A800 Tap Simulation plugin)
and a bunch of new bells and balls.

We'll be posting new pics and MP3's soon.

The Compound



10/19/10 ||

The Past Two Weekends I've had the Opportunity to work with some pretty amazing Gear thanks to my Friend Darren Chadwick . Darren has worked on and with some major projects including BAD EGLISH, The REPO MAN Soundtrack, IGGY POP, DEAD KENNEDYS and Many More. The Past Month I have been working with his Kids band MSB Producing and recording a three song demo to shop around. For Recording Darren Brought his AKG C414's that we used for over Heads on Drum's and Guitar, A ROYER 121 that Sounds Amazing on Guitar and a MANLEY VOC BOX that i've messed with a little but can't wait to use on vocals. Thanks Darren and The MSB brothers.
Joe Clements
The Compound



10/8/10 || In the Studio and New Releases

Vacant Churches
My Stupid Brother
Fascinating Creatures Of The Deep
Heros At Gunpoint

Gentlemen Of Japan "Versus Utah"
Jonny Manak and The Depressives 
The Sweet Revenge "Creatures Of Routine"



7/6/10 || On The Cutting Room Floor

Jonny Manak and The Depressives - Gentlemen of Japan - BL'ACK LOVE - Buffalo Jump - JR Curtis - Fascinating Creatures of The Deep 



3/22/10 || P+

Just got done recording 11 songs in 2 day's for P+! There an awesome Hardcore/pink band featuring members of Make It Count and Spinal Breaker. be sure to check em out! Oh and if you think you can do the same amount of songs in 2 days your songs better be under 2 minutes and willing to let em be "good enough for Punk Rock"



12/19/09 || Happy Whatever You wanna Call it

We put some new pics up of the studio and bands Rocking it. Ceck em out in the Studio section of the site.

We have Killer Gift certificates to give that starving artist in your family. Call or e-mail for details

The Compound Familia



11/4/09 || New Samples & New Sessions

We've posted some new samples for you to hear what's been recorded lately at The Compound!
Check out the new tunes from our friends Dance For Destruction and Wolves And Thieves!

Our old friends The Crutch have been stopping by to record some new tracks and in other news, we've got some new acts in the studio. The Backup Razor are currently in production of a full on LP, andl local hard rockers Willie Nilly have been laying down some deep cuts and heavy jams.

Meanwhile, our very own intern/engineer Keith has been recording an LP for his garage rock band, The Groggs. Using our old-fashioned tube preamps and outboard gear along with cutting edge technology, the band is trying to capture a vintage approach to modern recording! We are stoked to hear the finished product.

In other news, we have a fresh set of specials for Fall 2009, designed to deliver studio results on a modest budget.
There's no better time to tour The Compound and start planning your next recording project!



9/2/09 || The Compound is back & better than ever!

After nearly two months of construction, The Compound Recording Studio is once again fully operational with some new improvements designed to give you a better recording experience all around.

Redesigned and rebuilt at nearly twice its original size, the new control room of The Compound will be a more relaxed and creative environment for you and your bandmates. In addition to comfortability, this improvement also allows us to conduct a more streamlined recording process. You've gotta see it to believe it!

Construction is also beginning on an expanded rear deck area where artists can relax in the beautiful Santa Cruz Redwoods between tracking duties. Our goal is to provide you with the most relaxed recording experience possible.

In addition to these renovations, we have recently acquired to the ability to record multitrack straight onto 1/2" tape, as part of our mission to implement the best of analog and digital technologies.

Stay tuned for photos of the new and improved Compound. Or, if you can't wait, contact Joe at to schedule a tour of the studio! There's no better time to start planning your next recording project at a budget you can afford.



3/24/09 || Now Booking for Summer 2009. Contact us for special rates..


Dance for Destruction
Wolves And Thieves
Fire Whiskey
Craigs Brother



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