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1/29/09 || New Year More Gear!

Check out our gear list if you wanna nerd out!

In The Studio>
Dace For Destruction
Lance W. Project
Luke Pappich (Good Riddance) Solo Project
After Night Falls
300 Pounds
Fire Whiskey (Live Session)



10/27/08 || Compound Demo Deals and Fall Updates!

The studio has been packed with a diverse group of artists in the last two months. Local youngsters Not From London are working on some tunes, My Affair just wrapped a new release and we even laid down some rhymes with Central Coast Rap Artist Q-Pit aka Eric Sean X.Right now we have Luke Pabich of Good Riddance fame tracking some amazing solo acoustic material.

As always, it's the more the merrier here at The Compound. Check our calendar for open dates and get in touch before we're all booked up!



9/25/08 || Bay Area Hip Hop

Qpit from Salinas is coming in this week to lay down some track for his upcoming full length. Be sure to check it out.

Be Sure to check it!



9/18/08 || Santa Cruz Psycho Billy

We're putting the final touches on The Stellar Corpses record this week. The Corpses are bringing Psycho billy to a new level with this record by adding a touch of the good ol Santa Cruz style circle pit Punk Circa 1995. Don't sleep on this one....



9/2/08 || Guitar and Bass Set up and Repair - Oct/Nov Special Offers

We now offer Guitar and Bass set up when you come into record at The Compound. Read More > Here



8/21/08 || The Pillow Fights

Pillow Fight just got done recording and mixing 10 songs for their debut CD. We kept it simple and rough. All the songs were way under 2 minutes and we did little to no production. It's what they wanted and honestly I think it sounds awesome! Be sure to check em out when you get a chance > P.F.



8/15/08 || Cutting Room Floor...

Stellar Corpses just finished tracking Drms Bass and Guitar for their upcoming full length. This is their second time at The Compound and this time around we went for full production. We spent a good amount of time on tones and praformance, really stripping it down and making sure we were happy with everything being put onto tape (hard disk actually). This record is going to be amazing! The drums are big enough to fill an arena, The bass is thick and driving with just enough click to give it that psychobilly flair. it's all held together with  around 10 tracks of guitar layerd with Emilios Pic Slides and bends. We'll be putting the "icing on the cake" so to speek next week with vocals and some more surprises. keep checking in for updates and maybe even a little taste of this amazing "Psycho cake".  While Stellar Corpses were on break The Compound stayed hard at work recording a demo for Eastern Approaches. These guys are an awesome band, think Red Sparrow meets ISIS. Be sure to check em out. Till next time, "Keep up the good Rock"!

Dun Bin Had - Full Length
Tater Famine - Full Length
Fire Whiskey - Full Length
Soleran - 3 song EP



7/18/08 || Updates

Check out The police cover by Set your Goals. We recorded this song and a hand full of acoustic songs last year. One that was featured in the last "Punk goes Acoustic" comp on Fearless Records. 

Next week Stellar Corpses starts laying down tracks for their first full length. We have been doing a lot of pre-production and the songs are coming together better than ever. We'll keep you posted.



7/3/08 || Welcome to the "New and Improved"

In the coming weeks we will be working out all the kinks, So if somethings not working please let us know. We also added a new FAQ page to hopefully answer any questions you may have. 

Take a look around and keep checking in for new pics, samples and the "Featured Artist" section that will be updated every month. 





4/15/08 || The Churches were Vacant

it was a weekend filled with Budwiser, and Rock n' Roll. Vacant Churches from San Jose were in the studio this weekend recording  7 of 14 songs for an up coming A side B side LP.
With Jonny Manak now on drums for Vacant Churches and "J-Bass" on bass the rhythm section is bone crushing with some added surprises from J-Bass! The 7 songs are topped off with driving Guitar parts, eery but playful Keys and sticky vocal melodies from the one and only Mel.

If you are a true Punk/Rock n Roll fan you are going to love the new Vacant Churches Record.

Acoustic Folk/Country/Rock - someness



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