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10/24/06 || New Mp3s up>>>

Check em out in Clients and Media



9/21/06 || New Mp3 from Stellar Corpses

Check it out!
*Just finished tracking 5 songs for the New Take Warning EP.
*Mixing the Forget all that Rack Tought You EP
*Make Sure to check out the new record from Jonny Manak and the Deprsives.

The compound will be closed the week of Sept.24 - Oct.1st
Buster is the Best!
oh and we have two new Bunnys- Stoney and Peanut Butter.



8/17/06 || Only Crime

Today my good Friend Russ Rankin came in to lay down vocal tracks on a new Only Crime song and I must say the new O.C. is bad Ass! Get Ready!



8/2/06 || Ah Yeah>>>

*New Mp3 up from Defiant Voice in the Clients/Media Section
*Just finished some new songs from Time Spent Driving. (Mp3s Soon)
*Couple More Days left on the Lost Boys Full Length.
*Make Sure to take advantage of our end of summer Demo Deal-4 songs 300. bucks



2/6/06 || New Console / New Monitors / new wood floors

Yup... We just got a new Soundcraft Ghost 24LE and JBL LSR4328P 8" Monitors.... all you need to know is SHIT SOUNDS HUGE! We are also finishing the Tracking room with wood flooring and building another wall inside for extra sound proofing so we can rock till the weee hours of the morn.
We got all this new equipment just in time for Save Yourself an awesome band from Santa Cruz, Set your Goals from Hayward. They recorded a GB Song for an upcoming Revelation comp and a sweet version of "Sending out an S.O.S." from the police. Eighty Four was also just up here recording "Serve and Forget" for the upcoming Fury 66 Comp.
Keep checking back for new Mp3s!



12/4/05 || Hells Yeah!

It’s been a busy and fun past few weeks here at the compound….. Last week we recorded Whiskey Sunday an amazing band from San Jose CA.  for three days they made the compound their home, in those three days they managed to drink 5 cases of  (Cheap) Beer, a fifth and a pint of Jim Beam and one 40 ouncer between the 4 of them and the songs came out Amazing. Be sure to check out Whiskey Sunday the next chance you get, you will not be disappointed.

This weekend we recorded an awesome band from Santa Cruz Called All In. We did 6 songs start to finish in one day! It was an awesome task and it also came out insane. This weekend we also just finished up a 10 song full length for Our Discontent and are finishing up four songs for Lurid Bliss…Good Times, Good Times…

So yeah, keep checking for Mp3s, we will have some new ones up from these past recordings soon!

Support your local bands!



11/15/05 || Jackpot! Recording Seminar....

This weekend i met a new hero in the recording industry, Larry Crane. Larry is not only an amazing engineer/producer that worked with Elliot Smith Sleater Kinny and Quazi (just to name a few) he is also one of the nicest down to earth guys in this industry.
Larry opened up his studio to about ten of us and ran through a session giving us tips and sharing some of his secrets YES! I learned a lot this weekend and it made me even more excited to work in recording/engineering and producing. Thanks Larry!
Check out>



9/29/05 || Do You Like Chickens!?!?!

Harry from Set It Straight Does!
Yup Set It Straight has set up camp at the compound once again. This time their recording three songs to be put out on a split with Static Revolution.....



9/7/05 || New Mp3s...

Check out the New Static Revolution Mp3 in the media Section....



8/26/05 || BacK To Work!

In the Studio This weekend is Lurid Bliss. I'm exited to work with these guys and gal. It's Tom Keneddys (former band mate from my Fury 66 days) new project.... Stay tuned for MP3s...ROCK!




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