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Studio Overview

Here at Compound Recordings we offer full-service recording and production facilities in a relaxed atmosphere. Recording can be stressful no matter how experienced a musician is, so we work hard to take care of all the details so you can focus on performing your best.


With a healthy combination of analog and digital equipment we work with you to take what's in your head and allow the rest of the world to hear your message. Before ending up on our ProTools HD2 system, we run your music through entirely analog equipment including a Soundcraft 24-channel mixing console, Universal Audio microphone pre-amps, outboard compressors, and a plethora of quality microphones.


Our facilities are also prepared to handle a wide variety of musical styles. We have a spacious 20'x20' live room with vaulted ceilings, designed and treated especially for drums and other high decibel instruments. We also have 3 iso-booths, allowing for a variety of natural reverberation as well as complete sound isolation between rooms.


We are located 10 minutes from downtown Santa Cruz [Directions] in the beautiful mountain town of Ben Lomond, CA. Run by musicians who have been involved in the Bay Area music scene for over 15 years, we work hard to provide quality recording services to match your particular budget.


Joe Clements – Engineer, Producer, Owner

Joe Clements planted his roots in the Santa Cruz music scene in the early 90’s fronting the esteemed Fury 66. Although his love for music and the scene started way before, this was the point that his passion for the process of the writing and production of a band was realized. Joe spent six years in Fury 66 co-writing and producing on countless recordings. After Fury disbanded, he continued to write and record in various bands such as Turnedown, Audiocrush, Dead Again, Fuck the Hope You Gave Me and is now fronting the up and coming Santa Cruz-based, band Crucial Unicorn. Joe has been running his own record label, Lorelei Records and works part time at Universal Audio manufacturing the best recording equipment in the country. Although Joe's musical plate is currently overflowing, his true passion and dedication lies in producing and engineering bands at Compound Recordings.

Henry Chadwick - Engineer, Producer, Mixer

Henry Chadwick is a producer, engineer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Henry has been makiing records since he was a youngster. He grew up recording his own band, beginning in about 8th grade and continuing throughout highschool. By the time he was old enought to attend the music and recording arts program at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA, he was already taking on clients. Over the following 9 years he's collected an impressive portfolio of music, while continuing to pursue touring and releasing music of his own. Henry is dedicated to crafting a recording that the artist will be proud of.

Olav Tabatabai - Engineer, Producer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer

Olav has been recording bands since 2008. At the beginning of 2020, he left his day job pursue audio full time and tour as a sound tech with Oakland metal band Machine Head. While he came up as a guitarist in the punk and hardcore scene, he has branched out as an engineer/producer to work in a variety of genres from metal to pop to hip-hop. His goal is to make music that resonates and has an emotional impact.
You can check out Olav's portolio here.

Engineer/producer Henry Chadwick and artist, McCoy Tyler unlocking the mysteries. Control Room The Toft Audio Designs ATB24 Professional Recording Console Pre-Amps
Joe Clements Recording Stand up bass for Atomic Aces photo by Hanna Thrasher Photo by Hanna Thrasher Blind Leads Blind
GOJon Hudson Criminal Looking Through Tracking Rm Gentlemen of Japan
Control Room GOPete Thomas


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