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Recording Studio Services

The Compound is more than a basic recording studio. You want to put out a record? We can help with every step of the way.


Tracking music is our specialty and we are always ready for a challenge. An excellent variety of gear is at your fingertips and we are happy to provide you with additional instruments and amplifiers.

At The Compound we don't want to change the way you sound, we only want to make you sound your best. Having begun his career as a music producer, Joe Clements is always excited work with bands at any stage of their music's development.

Already have your music recorded and need someone to put all the pieces together? We can wrap it all up in a nice little package. We'll even put a pretty bow on it.


A critical step in the process, mastering can easily make or break a recording. With a fully equipped mastering station, we can tweak your record so that it sounds amazing on all types of speaker setups. Whether you want it to sound great on mp3 or killer with a sub, we can help you create the final product you desire.



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